With over 50 years combined experience, Nick and Mario enjoy planning successful campaigns and projects for your business, trademark or any other brand.


Mario Barbusci

has over 30 years in the business world. He has worked in the telecommunications, entertainment, medical, and call center sectors of business. As an entreprenuer, he has also owned his own businesses which has made him a master of all degrees of the business world.

Nick Barbusci

has over 10 years of marketing/sales/promotions/standard operating proceduers and event management experience in the industries of entertainment, hospitality, general contracting, music production and creative writing. As the president over operations of NMB his mastermind vision of sucsess for your business feeds the overall management procsess of the company. Inovative creativity combined with experience makes him an A+ project director who pays close attention to detail. These elements combined with the organization of extensive research are utilized to form methods and systems of action that will be put in place to assure your business will get top of the line service.

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